Watch BrandCycle Co-Founder on Today’s Dr. Oz Show!

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Don’t miss today’s episode of the Dr. Oz show featuring BrandCycle co-founder, Robert Glazer.

Fake news and ad fraud in the affiliate industry is a hot topic– so hot, in fact, that it’s burning many unsuspecting people, including Shark Tank judge and entrepreneur, Barbara Corcoran.

On today’s episode, Barbara and Bob bite back against spammers by sharing their experience and expertise about how it’s done.  For example, while some ads are for legitimate products, others aren’t and are intended to deceive consumers. What’s more is that both types of ads – legitimate and fake – feature Dr. Oz’s, Barbara Corcoran’s and other well-known peoples’ image without their permission.

Tune in today, Tuesday, February 28th to watch Bob, Barbara and Dr. Oz discuss this growing issue. Bob will also share his expertise about how fake news and ad fraud is being used in the performance marketing space by unscrupulous affiliates and what companies can do to prevent this deceitful practice.

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